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The Hero In All Of Us

Dr. Hakim Hassan has spent the better half of his life in the healthcare field, studying mechanics and engineering of the human body as well as helping in the development of the latest technology coming from Lojer (Manuthera), a company that makes medical equipment and state-of-the-art beds for Osteopathic treatments, Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and massage. This month marks the 100th year anniversary of the company that is now based in Finland. Dr. Hakim was there to celebrate along with his many colleagues from all over the world and to demonstrate his sought-after techniques that he has developed during his 30 years using the unique hydraulic tables as an Orthopaedic Osteopath during a video recording.

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How to Live a Healthier Life

If you wish to speak to one of us regarding your overall health, watch for our live Q & A sessions or book an appointment to see one of our therapists.

What is a “Superfood”?

You may have heard the term before but don’t know exactly what this means. A “Super Food” is a nutrient dense food, typically built to the best bio-available capability and is normally organically grown without pesticides to reduce the intake of toxins into your body, some are also referred to as “Adaptogens”.

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