Finland Osteopathy Clinic is Oman’s leading spine & joints centre. Since 2005 we have convinced people from all over the Sultanate and the Middle East of the success of our hands-on treatments for musculoskeletal problems.

As the name suggests, the clinic’s roots lie in Finland, where it was first established in 1990. In 2005 the clinic opened its doors in Muscat, to become the first and only Osteopathy center in Oman. We treat hundreds of patients of all ages and backgrounds every month. Our spine and joints specialists help to relieve your pain and ensure the optimal functioning of your body.

Individual approach

Our treatments are completely natural and safe, focusing on the personal needs and abilities of every individual patient. At Finland Osteopathy Clinic we don’t believe in the ideal body or the ideal spine alignment. We don’t believe in spending lengthy sessions with smart looking machines and equipment to create the ‘perfect’ posture.

We believe that every human body is unique and every problem needs an individual approach. Together with you, our therapist will look for the best treatment approach to relieve your pain, restore range of movement and bring your body back to optimal performance.

Our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are here to help you!

We Treat

●    Back & neck pain    ●    Disc herniation    ●    Sciatica    ●    Sports injuries    ●    Strains & sprains    ●    Plantar Fasciitis    ●    Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)    
●    Frozen Shoulder / Rotator Cuff Syndrome    ●    Tendonitis    ●    Knee pain    ●    Meniscal damage    ●    Pelvic floor problems
●    Degenerative conditions such as Osteo Arthritis    ●    Structural problems such as Scoliosis


Osteopathy is an effective health care system which focuses on the musculoskeletal system and how it flows and inter-relates with the body as a whole system …. Read More


Physiotherapy is a form of “hands-on” manual therapy used to aid in a rapid recovery and rehabilitation from all forms of injury, sports related or otherwise. …. Read More

Other Services

Mobilisation  ●    Manipulation
Laser light therapy  ●  Electrotherapy
Ultrasound therapy  ●  Acupuncture
Taping & Strapping… Read More

Julien-white background Retouched 5 close
Julien Dadoun-
Osteopath D.O

Before joining our team Julien launched and ran his own private practice of Osteopathy in the south-west of France which he started in 2016. During those four years he treated a broad variety of cases, from post-surgery rehabilitation cases to Sport Traumatology & Mobilization after accidents, post-traumatic .

Andrea Cornejova–
Senior Physiotherapist

Originally from Slovakia and graduated from Charles University in Czech Republic Andrea has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 12 years and her main interest is in treating adults with musculoskeletal disorders: sprain, back pain, arthritis, strain, bursitis, posture related problem, workplace and sport injuries.

Dr. Hakim Hassan-
Osteopath D.O. and Founder

In addition to his work as an Osteopath, Dr. Hakim travels the world to train healthcare workers and others in manipulation, mobilization and other manual techniques using the Manuthera treatment table.
Since the early 90’s Dr. Hakim has been aware and using Lojer equipment till today.. 

Ramin Kambiz Basiri-
Senior Physiotherapist

While from Iranian descent, Ramin spent his entire life in Buraimi, Oman, and received his training in Sharjah and the UAE. Wanting to do something back for the country that gave him the opportunity to become a physiotherapist, he joined Finland Osteopathy Clinic to dedicate himself to treating people ..

Ghaada Johanna Saarikivi -Sport Therapy & Sport Massage

Meet Ghaada Johanna Saarikivi, a dedicated and highly skilled Sport Therapist with more then 8 years experience from Finland. With a passion for promoting physical well-being, Ghaada brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to the world of Sports Therapy & Sport Massage. She firmly believes that every individual is unique, and tailors the therapeutic interventions to suit the specific needs and goals of their patients, 

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