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Fungi = Fun Guy; How mushrooms contribute to human life.

Mold, fungus, mushrooms, bacteria, microbes… sounds gross right? Here are some beneficial things you may not know about these little life-forms.

A lot of people don’t understand yet the import role that different Fungi have for your body and the planet. Recent projects are happening to produce leather products, biodegradable packaging, construction/ building blocks, meat replacements, medicines and supplements, products for cleaning toxic spills and plastics, just to name a few. Research has also shown that the entire Biome we live in is in part successful due to how mycelia interact with other flora and fauna. It has been discovered that mushrooms connect the roots underneath the soil (much like an internet) so they can communicate to each other over vast distances. This effect creates a holistic approach to photosynthesis, nutriment transference, the health of soil and seedling growth, helping to maintain the balance.

This effect is much like the way they work within our own bodies; acting in a way that allows for better nutrient absorption, building new or restoring neural pathways in the brain, allowing you to learn more, faster and to stay alert and functioning throughout the day.

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Supporting Your Vital Organs Naturally

At Finland Osteopathy Clinic, we believe a WHOListic approach to your health is the most effective. Offering an alternative to the conventional “A pill for every ill” methodology, our manual therapies coupled with nutrition, stretching, exercise and mindfulness bring a longer lasting, deeper and more rapid recovery from certain ailments and injuries. In order to maintain optimal health to feel your best throughout your daily routines, we recommend supporting your vital organs with nutrient rich whole-foods, supplements when needed and obviously advice from our trained professionals. During your Physiotherapy or Osteopathy treatments we will probably make a few suggestions based on diagnostics and our understanding of aiding recovery.

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.Hippocrates