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Miniscule Meniscus

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact!

The Meniscus is a small thin piece of cartilage in your knee joint and is attached to your Tibia. The function of this tissue is to act as a shock absorber during activities such as running and jumping. When this becomes strained or torn, it can be a very big deal. Sport injuries, work strains, regular wear and tear as we age with improper posture can result in Meniscus tear and sometimes a piece can break off, creating a blockage or a locked joint. The process of recovery from injuries can be simple with rest, ice and support, or complex; requiring surgery to repair a major tear or to remove pieces that are creating the locked joint.

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Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movementAvicenne

Supporting local athletes

Meet our newest project: WAEL KHESHFE

Wael Kheshfe moved to Muscat, Oman in 2014 from Lebanon. Alongside his love for sports, is his passion for technology. He has been the IT Administrator for the past 5 years at the International School of Oman located in Madinat Al Illam. He is also a global brand ambassador for the Spartan Races this year and we are there to sponsor him and support his passion for endurance sports. Wael has proven that he has what it takes to collect some heavy metal this year.

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