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Post COVID Osteopathy

Post COVID Osteopathy 

Long Covid or Post Covid symptoms can happen to anyone who recovered from COVID-19.  

If you are experiencing Post COVID signs and symptoms of post covid complications such as:

– Body pain, Joints pain or headache

– Fatigue, Feeling of tiredness or lack of energy

– Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

– Coughing or Chest pain

– Myalgia (muscle pain) for long period

– Symptoms that get worse after mental or physical activities

Then it’s a right time to visit our Osteopaths Elise and Julien for Post Covid Osteopathy session. The osteopathic procedure is aimed at restoring the mobility of the chest, restoring the elasticity of the lung tissue and stimulating the process of tissue oxygenation. Special osteopathic techniques affect the respiratory and accessory muscles involved in the breathing process, ligaments, the diaphragm, relief of chest pressure on the organs. All this contributes to increase in the vital volume of the lungs. It helps lungs to be fully filled with oxygen. 

Blood flow and lymphatic drainage are restored. Due to this, the lung tissue itself is restored. The adhesion process is prevented. These techniques remove the risk of delayed complications after coronavirus pneumonia.

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