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Julien Dadoun–
Senior Osteopath

Before joining our team Julien launched and ran his own private practice of Osteopathy in the south-west of France. During those years he treated a broad variety of cases, from post-surgery rehabilitation cases to Sport Traumatology & Mobilization after accidents, post-traumatic disorders and Breathing/Mechanical issues..

Elise Nguyen–
Senior Osteopath

Elise has been in Osteopathic practice since 20111 holding a Master's degree in osteopathy from College Osteopathique De Provence in Marseille (France). For all the years of practice she came across a wide variety of diagnoses and treatment techniques for infants, adults, athletes and women during pregnancy..

Ramin Kambiz Basiri –
Senior Physiotherapist

While from Iranian descent, Ramin spent his entire life in Buraimi, Oman, and received his training in Sharjah and the UAE. Wanting to do something back for the country that gave him the...