Finland Osteopathy Clinic is Oman’s leading spine & joints centre. Since 2005 we have convinced people from all over the Sultanate and the Middle East of the success of our hands-on treatments for a wide variety of ailments, including:

●    Back & neck pain

●    Disc herniation    ●    Sciatica

 ●    Sports injuries    ●    Strains & sprains

●    Plantar Fasciitis

●    Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
●    Frozen Shoulder / Rotator Cuff   ●    Tendonitis

●    Knee pain

●    Meniscal damage    ●    Pelvic floor problems
●    Osteo-Arthritis    ●   Scoliosis



Wholistic approach

Our treatments are completely natural and safe, focusing on the personal needs and abilities of every individual patient. At Finland Osteopathy Clinic we don’t believe in the ideal body or the ideal spine alignment. We don’t believe in spending lengthy sessions with smart looking machines and equipment to create the ‘perfect’ posture.

We believe that every human body is unique and every problem needs an individual approach. Together with you, our therapist will look for the best treatments to relieve your pain, restore range of movement and bring your body back to optimal performance.

Our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are here to help you!