Other Services


Is used to restore a joints normal mobility with special technique. Poor usage of joints causes them to stiffen and this, in turn, leads to other disturbances such as muscle tension and pain. The spine especially creates a stiffening of joints very easily if it is not used within its entire range of movement.

Miss usage of joints not only leads to shortening of the ligaments surrounding them, but also impaired mobility to joint capsules that can be described as an electro-chemical blocking state in the capsules.


Is a technique to release joints from their blocked states. This blocked situation can be caused by an accident or hazardous movement as opposed to a ‘natural blocking’.

Manipulative “thrust” is done inside the normal range of a joints movement and is therefore a safe, precise, quick and extremely effective procedure.


Laser Light Therapy

Is used to open up blood circulation in the smallest vessels, by doing this it reduces swelling of the tissues and therefore reduces pain. A healthy tissue must have free blood circulation and metabolism.



Influences directly to the nervous system. All nerve functioning is based on electric information between body and brain. In a situation where there are disturbances in nerve functions we can activate them with electricity.

Ultrasound therapy

Is used to improve blood circulation in soft tissues.



Is a very old Chinese health care system and we use it mainly in loco-motor problems. If pain doesn’t relieve after mobility of the joints has recovered and muscles are relaxed then we use acupuncture.


Taping and Strapping

Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists may use tape to protect a certain body part from (further) injury and to support the healing process. Strapping is applied to prevent excess or abnormal movement of an injured joint or structure. The therapist may use traditional tape to support joints, to protect minor injuries and to improve the patient’s balance awareness. It also helps to reduce pain. With taping, special elastic kinesiology tape is used for lymphatic drainage, to offload soft tissues and reduce swelling.

Taping and strapping may be used for:

Ligament injuries
Tendinopathy (tendinitis)
Muscle strains and tears
Postural correction
Lymphatic drainage
Relaxation or activation of muscles