Meet Our Team

Ramin Kambiz Basiri –
Senior Physiotherapist

While from Iranian descent, Ramin spent his entire life in Buraimi, Oman, and received his training in Sharjah and the UAE. Wanting to do something back for the country that gave him the opportunity to become a physiotherapist, he joined Finland Osteopathy Clinic to dedicate himself to treating people with sports injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. He is among the few professionals in Oman certified in the Mulligan Concept and dry needling. Ramin treats patients from all ages and backgrounds specializing on sport injuries, mobilization, dry needling, dry cupping/ cupping massage etc. He speaks English, Arabic and Persian.

Our physiotherapist Ramin Basiri is a true sports enthusiast. Outside his work hours he dedicates much of his time to bodybuilding and playing football. His most recent passion is endurance sports. He participated in the CrossFit competitions, Muscat Marathon 10K and the Spartan Super Race. Now that he had a taste of it, he is unstoppable. This year he is planning to do the Spartan race in Oman again. Aches, pains, overtraining, exhaustion, injuries; Ramin knows the ropes.

He explains: ‘While we are preparing for a marathon, obstacle race or other big sports event our muscles will be under constant tension which will lead to trigger points around the muscle. These trigger points will reduce the efficiency of the muscle performance and create pain in the muscles during or after training. As a Physiotherapist, I can help release these trigger points and bring the muscles back to their optimal performance’

Are you training for a major sports event? With Ramin’s help you’ll arrive at the start fully prepared!