Meet Our Team

Dr. Max Montagne –
Senior Osteopath

Dr. Montagne received his professional education at the prestigious Sutherland Osteopathic College in Paris, France, now known as L’Ecole d’Osteopathie de Paris.

He was working in Paris in a rehabilitation clinic for children with disabilities and as a visiting Doctor at various medical offices and hospitals before moving to the south-west region of France known as the Pays Basque. In 2011 he opened his Osteopathic medical practice together with a Medical Doctor where he became well known for treating hard cases. He specializes in Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy which also works very well for treating new-borns and young children as it is a gentle yet powerful technique.

He also has training in holistic nutrition and martial arts with a keen interest in outdoor sports and researching new developments and technologies in the health and wellness sector. His approach to Osteopathy is “looking at every aspect of health”, including the patients lifestyle, physical activities, food intake and sometimes emotional state to figure out a precise course of action for treatment.


“Osteopathy is a medical art, combining the best of modern science through our knowledge of anatomy and physiology expressed through the use of manual therapy.”