Meet Our Team

Julien Dadoun–
Senior Osteopath

Before joining our team Julien launched and ran his own private practice of Osteopathy in the south-west of France. During those years he treated a broad variety of cases, from post-surgery rehabilitation cases to Sport Traumatology & Mobilization after accidents, post-traumatic disorders and Breathing/Mechanical issues. He is also skilled in treating young children and checkup. Julien favors a gentle approach when treating his patients and provides individual exercise plans.

By collaborating with institution such as hospitals, sport clubs and schools, he had the chance to work with neurologically disabled patients, athletes, employees, children and senior adults

In addition to studying and treating the musculoskeletal system he includes the visceral (internal organs) osteopathy, while also looking at the patients’ lifestyle, physical activities. Julien received his University degree in Sports Traumatology and Master’s degree at College of Osteopathy Sutherland – Bordeaux (France).

If you want to restore your mobility- Julien is the first whom to contact!