Meet Our Team

Ghaada Johanna Saarikivi –
Sport Therapist / Sport Massage

Meet Ghaada Johanna Saarikivi, a dedicated and highly skilled Sport Therapist with more then 8 years experience from Finland. With a passion for promoting physical well-being, Ghaada brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to the world of Sports Therapy & Sport Massage. She firmly believes that every individual is unique, and tailors the therapeutic interventions to suit the specific needs and goals of their patients, always striving for optimal performance and well-being. Ghaada is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their full potential, recover from injuries, and lead healthier lives.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete looking to improve your game or simply in need of some self-care, Ghaada is the expert and support you’ve been searching for.

• Sport Therapy
• Sport Massage
• Joint mobility techniques
• Muscle maintenance
• Work ergonomics
• Exercise plans
• Mobilization
• Swedish massage