Meet Our Team

Andrea Cornejova –
Senior Physiotherapist

Originally from Slovakia and graduated from Charles University in Czech Republic Andrea has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 12 years and her main interest is in treating adults with musculoskeletal disorders: sprain, back pain, arthritis, strain, bursitis, posture related problem, workplace and sport injuries. She uses a range of techniques and methods such as spine/joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue technique, kinesiotaping, manual and mechanical spine traction and other modalities (ultrasound, laser and electrotherapy) and specializes in the Mckenzie method that diagnoses and treats mechanical spine and extremity disorders.

“I believe that the active techniques produce long-term and effective results and is primarily why prefer their application in my therapeutic approach. I help patients to understand their problem by proper diagnostics. I help in guiding them through recovery, preparing treatment, and exercise plans, adjusting ergonomics of the workplace and home, and in advising in individual orthopedic aids and support.
In my view the occurrence of pain acts as a messenger in our bodies and a proper understanding of its origin is the path to recovery. Years of experiences and my own pains taught me that we are responsible for our own health condition. It is only by our active participation in the treatment process that we can we achieve the right balance”.