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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

If you feel pain and clicking in the knee joints, then it’s time to think and see a doctor. Experts identify several main reasons why the knees click when bent: 

-Excessive exercise

-Clicking sounds may be due to joint instability. Muscles are poorly developed, which means hypermobility increases, a crunch occurs.

-Meniscus damage



-Consequences of trauma


In 80% of cases, the problem of the joints of the lower extremities (if there was no direct injury to the joint) is associated with dysfunctions of the pelvis, and the problem of the joints of the upper extremities is associated with dysfunctions of the chest and cervical spine.

The task of a Therapist is precisely to find and eliminate this particular dysfunction, restore the overall balance of the body and normalize the biomechanics of the joints. And only after that the Therapist works locally with the joint itself.

The impact is carried out with the help of specific techniques produced by hands, most often soft and painless. They are aimed at eliminating tension and restoring mobility. The joint begins to work fully again. The very preconditions for the onset of the disease are eliminated.

Don’t let the pain limit your mobility! We can determine the cause of your pain and help you  correct the mechanical  imbalance so that you can move around with confidence and comfort.

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Are you Aware?

November 7th is International Cancer Awareness Day.

At Finland Osteopathy Clinic we would like to raise awareness for the alternative holistic approaches of remissing or curing your Cancer using modern discoveries. Since there are as many different kinds of Cancer as there are people we cannot claim that the same old treatment of Chemotherapy or Radiation will work on everyone and certainly for the majority of people it could enact more harm than good, creating low quality of life in late stage cases.

We have evolved in the last 30 years from the barbaric removal of whole body parts as a form of treatment to much more refined targeted approaches of certain cases such as with the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze clusters dead in their tracks, to even understanding that our very diet, the food we choose to eat, can save our lives.

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Miniscule Meniscus

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact!

The Meniscus is a small thin piece of cartilage in your knee joint and is attached to your Tibia. The function of this tissue is to act as a shock absorber during activities such as running and jumping. When this becomes strained or torn, it can be a very big deal. Sport injuries, work strains, regular wear and tear as we age with improper posture can result in Meniscus tear and sometimes a piece can break off, creating a blockage or a locked joint. The process of recovery from injuries can be simple with rest, ice and support, or complex; requiring surgery to repair a major tear or to remove pieces that are creating the locked joint.

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