Are you Aware?

November 7th is International Cancer Awareness Day.

At Finland Osteopathy Clinic we would like to raise awareness for the alternative holistic approaches of remissing or curing your Cancer using modern discoveries. Since there are as many different kinds of Cancer as there are people we cannot claim that the same old treatment of Chemotherapy or Radiation will work on everyone and certainly for the majority of people it could enact more harm than good, creating low quality of life in late stage cases.

We have evolved in the last 30 years from the barbaric removal of whole body parts as a form of treatment to much more refined targeted approaches of certain cases such as with the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze clusters dead in their tracks, to even understanding that our very diet, the food we choose to eat, can save our lives.

Here are just SOME of the ways we can help to heal this disease from our lives

(we highly recommend doing your own research and asking lots of questions)

  • Immunotherapy

Creating a protocol specific to your own immune system to “light it on fire” so your own body combats the suspicious cells directly.

  • Starvation (Warburg effect) using Ketones or Ketogenic diet

Cancer cells LOVE to feed on bad sugar. By having a certain diet containing high fat and no sugar, we can starve out the cells. While our bodies use the healthy fats to convert into the sugars that our healthy cells need; slowing and sometimes reversing cancer cell growth.

  • Prediction and monitoring using genetics

Advances in mapping the human genetic code have allowed scientists and Doctors to predict time frames of occurrences of certain Cancers that we are genetically predispositioned to activate in our life. With this knowledge we can reverse the probabilities by adjusting our habits and creating plans of prevention.

  • Herbs and ancient medicine

Traditional tribal medicines are being rediscovered by modern man and are being utilized in many different ways. In the Amazon jungle there are as many cures and remedies as there are plants. Ancient Chinese medicine has been repopularized into western medicine and Indian Ayurvedic remedies are becoming a popular alternative around the world.

  • Nutrition and fasting

Altering the pH of our bodies to be Alkaline by eliminating acidifying foods and beverages from our diet can have a drastic impact as cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. Starting a mono-fruit protocol, detoxifying regimen or dry fasting can create a state of well being for our physiological bodies. Adding anti inflammatories such as tumeric and garlic and anticarcinogens like red grapes are also well known to have benefits while recovering.

  • High dose vitamin flooding

Using vitamin D or vitamin C in very high doses over a period of time can have substantial benefits when recovering from Cancer. Studies show that intravenously administered vitamin C potentiates naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide that acts as an oxidant, showing signs of targeting and destroying cancer.

  • Sound/ vibration (resonant frequencies)

The frequency of each molecule has a signature, the signature of cancer cells resonate at an incredibly high frequency discovered by a team of scientists and a university professor of music. There are now machines that can target this biological material and literally vaporize it with pinpoint accuracy without the need of surgery or any invasive instruments.

  • Germanic New Medicine

Reprogramming our emotional and psychological attachments and traumas specifically related to the different organs/types of cancer.

  • Cryotherapy with liquid Nitrogen


At Finland Osteopathy Clinic we can provide supportive treatments to help make you feel better in recovery such as Physiotherapy after procedures to get you moving again and Osteopathy to get you on the right path holistically. We are excited to share with you this documentary that can hopefully open  your mind to new ideas of what healing can look like.


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