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Meet our newest project: WAEL KHESHFE

Wael Kheshfe moved to Muscat, Oman in 2014 from Lebanon. Alongside his love for sports, is his passion for technology. He has been the IT Administrator for the past 5 years at the International School of Oman located in Madinat Al Illam. He is also a global brand ambassador for the Spartan Races this year and we are there to sponsor him and support his passion for endurance sports. Wael has proven that he has what it takes to collect some heavy metal this year.

Playing Football for the Lebanese team before coming to Oman, he’s now become addicted to competing since the first launch of the Spartan Arabia in 2016. Now he hopes to represent his adopted country as well as his homeland while competing in many different kinds of tournaments and races around the world. In the off season he is part of the Muscat Road Runners group and doing Crossfit training at Crossfit Itihad in Muscat to prepare, getting a full body dynamic workout and increasing his endurance, physically and mentally.

“The Spartan races have completely changed my life for the better – I live a healthy and active life now.”

Wael is currently one of the top 4 in rank in the Middle East in his AG and is qualified to compete at the World Championship that will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. In the Spartan Beast race that was held in Sifa, Oman, he won 3rd place in his AG; 4th place in the Spartan super race; and 5th place (30 seconds short from reaching the podium) in the sprint race, regarding the other ones he’s always taking the top 4 places. In fact, Wael is the first Lebanese to stand at the podium and proudly wave his country’s flag. From that moment, his deep sense of accomplishment and pride has fed his desire to work and push himself even harder for absolute and ultimate success.

Importance of Health

“Eat, Sleep, Exercise.”

Fitness is a big part of health. If you are unable to move, chances are that you will not be a healthy person overall… here are 5 ways Wael likes to stay in his best shape:

  1. Run like someone is chasing you, but with a smile! Things in motion stay in motion.
  2. Drink a lot of electrolytes during sports. Water just isn’t enough when you are sweating and losing valuable minerals.
  3. Wear the right gear for what you are doing. Stay warm or cool depending on the weather, by investing in some technologically enhanced fitness gear. Wear the right shoes for running, check your stride/ gate with your Osteopath or Podiatrist to make sure.
  4. Don’t push yourself to lift the heaviest weights at the gym, less is more and less with more reps is even better! Set realistic goals.
  5. As I always say… “Nothing is impossible and Nothing comes free!!”

Living a Healthier Life

Along with fitness, Wael believes in maintaining a healthy diet to support his activities. He also visits his doctor and physiotherapist regularly as part of his routine during his racing season. Endurance is everything; having optimal physical health and mental stamina will keep him going strong all year.

You have a body, a brain and an energy. When they work in harmony is when you can express the best of yourself. Wake up early, spend 2% of your week being physical, go outside and play, eat well, meditate or be still sometimes and be sure to visit professionals to take care of everything else. Wael comes to the Finland Osteopathy Clinic for maintenance in the off season and for rehabilitation and support when he’s on the run. Survival of the fittest wont cut it alone, now you need to work smarter not harder to stay in the game.

“When I was being healed by Dr.Hakim, he discovered some hidden spots and he treated them professionally since he’s a sports expert.”

Information: You can follow him on Instagram at wael.kheshfe and watch his journey for 2019/2020



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