The Hero In All Of Us

Dr. Hakim Hassan has spent the better half of his life in the healthcare field, studying mechanics and engineering of the human body as well as helping in the development of the latest technology coming from Lojer (Manuthera), a company that makes medical equipment and state-of-the-art beds for Osteopathic treatments, Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and massage. This month marks the 100th year anniversary of the company that is now based in Finland. Dr. Hakim was there to celebrate along with his many colleagues from all over the world and to demonstrate his sought-after techniques that he has developed during his 30 years using the unique hydraulic tables as an Orthopaedic Osteopath during a video recording.

Importance of Health

When Dr. Hakim first came to Oman, he faced a challenge unlike any other. He was in possession of a title and a degree that was unheard of in the Sultanate at that time. He had a vision to open a progressive clinic in a country desperately in need of alternatives to the ‘then’ underfunded healthcare system in Muscat. Upon many visitations to the ministries he found himself fighting for the right to call his clinic an Osteopathic clinic, or for them to recognise his profession at all.

After many months struggling for approval, he finally found himself a friend within the Ministry of Health and soon opened the doors for the many waiting patients. Since its inception 15 years ago, the Finland Osteopathy Clinic has had over 17,000 visitors locally and from abroad, proving the therapists work with the tables is unlike any other. Dr. Hakim travels the world teaching his techniques and the ins and outs of the amazing Lojer tables to many hospitals, clinics, schools, private Doctors and therapists.

Inventing a Healthier Life

Here is Dr. Hakim celebrating the anniversary of the company with the inventor of the treatment tables produced by Lojer in the 1980s and through to today.

Dr. Hakim has worked intensely over the years helping to reinvent and improve different versions of the popular table as well as being trained to repair the tables, he is an integral part of the team at Lojer.


Lojer originally started (first known as Vammalan Konepaja) producing weights for medical scales and sporting equipment, it soon evolved into making water pumps for ground water, exporting all over Europe and to help struggling countries in Africa. The company has since expanded into many areas, including robotics and technology. With operations set up in Tanzania, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe, this makes their technology easily accessible globally.




After touring the Finland plant you can see the standards that are maintained throughout the whole of the business and down to the people that work for them producing high-quality and award winning equipment.

Information: You can find more information about the company on their website here


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