Meet Our Team

Elise Nguyen–
Senior Osteopath

Elise has been in Osteopathic practice since 2011 holding a Master’s degree in osteopathy from College Osteopathique De Provence in Marseille (France). She launched and managed two osteopathy practices in France and had experience of working in Vietnam and Canada before travelling to Oman. For all the years of practice she came across a wide variety of diagnoses and treatment techniques for infants, adults, athletes and women during pregnancy. Elise is also specialized in treating newborns and first checkup, trauma cases, post-surgery rehabilitation, sinusitis, migraine & headache treatment, Neuralgia cases treatment, Facial and Visceral Osteopathy. She uses the gentle alternative approach of the Mechanical Link developed by Paul Chauffour and provides nutritional and customized stretching advices.

Elise will help you to relieve the pain through special techniques and individual treatment approach.